Psychology Pritzker Hall Capital Campaign

UCLA is on the threshold of a bold new era in psychology research and education. With major philanthropic investment, Pritzker Hall, UCLA’s iconic psychology tower, will be transformed into a collaborative, modern learning and research environment for one of the top psychology departments in the nation.

We need your support.

Cutting-Edge Facilities for UCLA Psychology

This ambitious renovation will create purpose-built, cutting-edge facilities for UCLA Psychology faculty and students to accelerate translation of research into effective treatments for myriad brain and behavioral health challenges; revolutionize understanding of all facets of human behavior across the lifespan; and educate future generations of students.

Optimally equipped for 21st-century psychology teaching and research, the renovated building will feature:

  • A redesigned lobby and a lower façade that retains distinctive architectural features
  • A more prominent and welcoming entrance to improve visibility and accessibility, helping scientists to recruit and retain research participants
  • Remodeled classrooms with updated technologies and flexible furniture configuration to support active learning
  • Faculty and graduate workspaces redesigned to enhance collaboration and improve the quality and diversity of research
  • Conference spaces and seminar rooms with technology and flexible configurations to promote collaboration
  • Research suites and computing facilities reconfigured to achieve ideal research adjacencies and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology
  • Improved public access to programs in depression and anxiety, healthy cognitive aging, substance abuse, adolescent emotional development, and health disparities reduction
  • Upgraded and expanded health psychology equipment facilities to support research in cancer, stress, mindfulness, social factors in immune function, reproductive issues, and diet and exercise
  • A welcoming space for a new undergraduate student advising center
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